Since 2009 investment consulting of industrial projects becomes a core activity for our company. Starting with such simple tasks as adaptation and translation of business-plans of international companies, we’ve developed a back to back turn-key solution for prospective customers of Alabuga SEZ, adding expertise of market research, financial analysis and economic forecasting.

In Alabuga only, the number of our clients exceed 20. Many of them are stably returning customers that we are more than happy to serve. Total investment volume of our clients exceed 10 billion rubles.

Since 2016 we have started to provide similar package to potential customers of advanced development territories.

Along with investment consulting, our industrial practice includes specialised packages of marketing and management consulting.


High demand for sub-contraction services from top-tier international and domestic consulting houses was always a specific trait of our business. We’ve provided our services in various industries: management and economics, real estate, telecommunications, finance, trade and logistics.

Since the beginning of 2000s our organisation provides services for federal market research companies in Tatarstan

Since the middle of 2000s commercial real estate becomes one of key industries in our portfolio. We have successful cases of market research, feasibility study and investment memo development with such companies as Knight Frank, PWC, HAVI Logistics, and many others.

RCM in collaboration with MMC Expert management and Moscow administration have organised several business missions to Kazan for entrepreneurs from Moscow in 2011-2013.


in 2013, RCM consulting and research have won the bid for long-term development planning of SEZ Alabuga. After presentation of the plan to the regional and federal authorities, SEZ increased its area from 2 to 4 thousands of hectare, approved an additional investment plan for 6 billion rubles and set targets to acquire 120 residents until 2023. Also, RCM performed marketing consulting and benchmarking services for Alabuga

In 2015 in a very tight schedule, RCM performs the largest field research in its history by an assignment of the municipality of Kazan city. Over 90 000 respondents took a part in CAPI survey. After that our team took a part in organising content and bringing key speakers for the UCLG executive bureau.

Since 2016 RCM works closely with Kama innovative cluster and territory of advanced development in N.Chelny. We provide research, training and consultancy services for administration and residents and industrial parks.

In the end of 2016 our team is consulting a large infrastructure project, supervising tariff calculations and financial modelling of initiative concession.



By initiative of the Ministry of education and science of Tatarstan the fund performed research and project works for development of professional, continuous and distant education.

RCM provided expert and research support for the Strategy of Education sector development in 2009. Numerous research tasks became a basis for implementation of the Tatarstan’s best practice on the federal scale.

RCM maintains close ties with academic institutions in Tatarstan. Collaborative projects includes quality of services, customers preferences and behavioural marketing, labour market requirements. The fund provides marketing supervision of the projects, and acts as applicant for non-profit grants.

In 2015-16 RCM organizes a series of strategic sessions and workshops on strategic management and marketing for health institutes and became an active member in development of healthcare strategy of Kazan city.


In 2014 RCM along with Vojvodina chamber of commerce (Serbia) and Vojvodina investment promotion agency organises a business mission of entrepreneurs from Tatarstan to Vojvodina, Serbia

In 2014-2015, RCM in collaboration with DT Communication (a Blue Focus Group company, China) organises a massive media campaign in China for a Russian client

In 2015 RCM starts collaboration with Sikder group and BEZA, Bangladesh on development of economic zone Mongla.

In 2016 RCM enters into strategic alliance with the Equinox group of companies. RCM represents Equinox in Russia and provides research services to the group